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CT3A8894-Edit-EditMia A. Williams, MBA, is a passionate leader, faithful servant, teacher, mentor, author, speaker, wedding day-crisis survivor, serial-organizer, avid reader, natural hair novice, runner and lover of all things fabulous!

A self-proclaimed Introverted-Extrovert, Mia is task-oriented, committed, and thorough – she is often the person called upon when the task requires a little OCD.  She thrives on spontaneity, fun and laughter and is daring: despite her fear of heights and experiencing the occasional bought of motion sickness, she hasn’t backed down from a roller coaster yet! She pursues her passion for higher learning by teaching online business courses and plans to pursue a PhD in Leadership.

In 2015 Mia co-authored the book, “Rock Bottom is a Beautiful Place 3: Living with a Grateful Heart’: sharing how God healed her from a broken heart and loosed her from the bondage of anger, bitterness and the inability to forgive. Through faith and the power of prayer, she has transformed one of the most disastrous days of her life into a platform to serve other women by teaching them how to forgive and how to not live in shame.

Mia is passionate about encouraging and inspiring women to live the principals of Peace, Grace & Love, which she shares on her website She is caring, sincere and a generous helper—quick to extend her hand, her shoulder, her ear, or her time when needed.

Above all, Mia is in love with God. She is determined to live each day placing her all on the alter.

My purpose is to encourage and inspire women toLive in Peace; Walk in Grace; & Do everything in Love.” – Mia A. Williams, MBA


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