The Freedom Tour

It’s five days later and I am stilling soaring from the 2016 Women’s Symposium aptly titled, “The Freedom Tour” hosted by Patricia Shaw and her Women of Excellence Outreach Ministry. If you weren’t there you truly missed out on a day that was transformational, impactful, and that has left many women still buzzing and on an emotional high. Our intimate crowd of about 25 women laughed, cried and loved on our fellow sisters in Christ as we journeyed through the principals of freedom, forgiveness and soul ties.

Rock bottom is STILL a beautiful place….

If you’ve read my story in Rock Bottom is a Beautiful Place, then you’re familiar with the nearly two year journey it took me to heal from the shame, humiliation, anger, and bitterness I felt after nearly being jilted at the altar — and how I allowed those emotions to nearly suffocated my marriage. At the symposium, I was blessed with the opportunity to speak from my heart on topics I know all too well: Healing after Heartbreak & Breaking Free from the Bondage of

Celebrating three years of marriage

Shame. I am honored at being able to share my testimony, the important lessons I learned during my healing process and my ultimate triumph over such a painful day. By the grace of God, my husband and I just celebrated three years of wedded bliss and trust me when I tell you; rock bottom is STILL a beautiful place!

The truth is, the hardest part of my healing process was not dealing with my husband and his faults nor in dealing with the pain he caused me, but in dealing with the hard truths that God revealed to me about me: That I possessed an unforgiving heart and that my faith wavered — I had stopped trusting and believing in God to heal us and make everything better.”  ~Mia A. Williams


Some people will be clapping you on stage and some will be clapping you off it….

There wasn’t a dry eye in the room as Cheryl Polote-Williamson, Author of Words from the Spirit for the Spirit and contributing author to the best-selling book, Shift On, brought the house down with her raw and emotional story of heart-break and betrayal. But her story was so much more than that: It was one woman’s heartfelt journey to forgiveness. The entire room was in tears as Cheryl shared insights about guarding your marriage and understanding when a person’s “season” has ended (many times when your heart isn’t prepared to let them go.) A true moment of clarity came when Cheryl stated that “Some people will be clapping you on stage and some people will be clapping you off it.” For me, this was a reminder that everyone isn’t in your corner, though they may pretend to be.


Cheryl Polote-Williamson & her Husband

It is truly amazing that this was the first time Cheryl and I were sharing our stories publicly outside of our respective books. She and I met about two years ago at church when we grabbed hands and walked down the aisle together for prayer during alter call. Neither of us knew what the other was going through at the time, but God united us in prayer that day and here we were, two years later, sharing a platform to teach forgiveness and freedom and to heal other women from the burden of shame.  God is truly amazing.


Closing out the event was the hostess and event organizer, Patricia Shaw, and let me tell you, when Patricia speaks the whole rooms listens. Her energetic and passion-filled delivery of Soul of a Woman based on her book, Soul Ties is a soul-filled message that every young woman needs to hear: each time you have sex with someone it creates a soul-tie, forever linking you to that person. Patricia explained how those soul ties lead us to falsely believe that we cannot let that person go and how to use biblical principles to break those ties. With zeal and a bit of humor, Patricia reminded us to BREATHE!

Mia A. Williams, Patricia Shaw & Cheryl Polote-Williamson at the 2016 Women's Symposium in Dallas, TX
Mia A. Williams, Patricia Shaw & Cheryl Polote-Williamson at the 2016 Women’s Symposium in Dallas, TX

I’ll say it again, if you missed the 2016 Women’s Symposium in Dallas YOU MISSED OUT! But you can catch the symposium in a city near you as Patricia takes her Women of Excellence Ministries to select cities around the U.S.

Peace, Grace, & Love,



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  1. How refreshing! God is ao faithful, and He had your steps ordered even when you could not see your purpose in His way.

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