The Johari Window

Last weekend, in a moment of defiance, I decided to shirk all wife, mom and work responsibilities and binge watch season two of Being Mary Jane. Episode after episode, hour after blissful hour, I watched all 12 episodes in less than two days.

Episode 7 “Let’s Go Crazy” compelled me to grab a notebook and pen and to literally take notes. In this episode, Mary Jane learns about the Johari Window and uses its principles to help her sort out some of her relationship woes. At a glimpse, the Johari Window is divided into four quadrants that help you explore who you are and who you’d like to be; building self-awareness and gaining an understanding of how others view you.

Johari Window

Quadrant 1 (Open Self): Who am I? These are the behavior, attitude, feelings, emotion, knowledge, experience, skills, views, etc. that you know about yourself and others know too.

Quadrant 2 (Blind Self): What is it people say about me behind my back? Perhaps most importantly, what do people say about me that I refuse to hear or accept?

Quadrant 3 (Hidden Self): Everyone has secrets. What secrets are you hiding that are leading to feelings of guilt, remorse or shame? How can you set yourself free?

Quadrant 4 (Unknown Self): You don’t know what you don’t know. Hopefully, by reviewing the first three quadrants, you can uncover hidden talents, natural abilities and/or aptitudes you didn’t realize you had; realize certain fears or aversions you didn’t know you had; or even discover repressed or subconscious feelings.

Why the Johari Window matters:

In personal and business maters alike, it’s important to continuously assess your skills, attitudes and beliefs, and to know your strengths, talents and even your weaknesses. It’s equally important to understand who you’d like to be so you can map out a road to get there. (Open Self)

Personally, I found the “Blind Self” quadrant to be the most intriguing: It’s important to surround yourself with people who aren’t afraid to give you their raw opinions of you and not “yes-men” who only tell you what you want to hear.

Last but not least, you can also discover how to set yourself free from those skeletons that are threatening to break free from your closet, and in sharing your story, perhaps you can help someone else (Hidden Self). Perhaps this process will lead you to uncovering hidden talents that allow you to walk in your God-given purpose (Unknown Self).

Mia’s Window

So here goes: I am Mia. I am a follower of Christ, and a family-oriented, adjunct professor and author, who loves to read and travel, and just may be addicted to chocolate. I love helping people and am usually the first to volunteer for a project. I am extremely organized, perhaps to the point of OCD, and I like to plan. I like being involved. I am creative but I don’t feel I get to use my talent enough. I love all things Target….and Starbucks.

I’d like to think that everyone around me sees me as this really upbeat, positive, fun person. But I have a fear that I may come off as stuck-up or “too serious”. I am extremely private but am slowly learning to break out of my shell.

I want to become a New York Times best-selling author, a girl-boss, a serial entrepreneur, a doctor (PhD) and a motivational speaker. To achieve this I must overcome my introverted tendencies and I must learn to walk in my God-given gifts and talents and overcome doubt.

I leave you with these questions:

Who are you?

Who do you want to become?

What must you do to achieve it?



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